New Surry Theatre Presents


with Bill Raiten

In 2009 the NST added Playwriting to the Performing Arts School curriculum.

The students arrive each week, with their ideas printed out in a script and discuss with Bill Raiten, the instructor, what they are trying to say. Mr. Raiten then reads the scripts aloud with the feelings that the characters would have on stage, as he and the author dissect the written word to make it visual. They then try to make each scene meaningful, adding ideas, words and pictures to achieve the end result that the author wants the audience to feel. This continues for the nine weeks of the semester as the Playwrights rush home with new ideas and furtively dream, write and compose the words they will bring to the next class. The ninth week of class can have a reading of the play if the author wishes.

Playwriting is Wednesday or Friday - at the convenience of the student.

Bill Raiten was born, raised and schooled in New York City, and has always been involved in theater. A stand-up comic in the 50’s, a writer in the 60’s, a director, acting teacher and producer since then, he has always found his way to the theater. He has directed, taught and performed in New York, Hollywood, and Maine in as well as in the USSR, Glasgow, Scotland and Canada. He has educated people, young and old, using his brand of theater as a vehicle for them to find and like themselves. He has filmed an original short documentary with Maine Public Broadcasting that was aired in May 2001 and nominated for a New England regional Emmy Award. Using his teaching methods at the Maine Youth Center with Seymour Papert of MIT, incarcerated youth wrote and edited their own film. He now teaches Acting in Maine, farms organically and is the Artistic Director of the New Surry Theatre.

Many of his students have continued in or gone on to illustrious careers in farming, teaching, carpentry, photography, film and even in The Performing Arts.

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with Johannah Blackman

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with Bill Raiten