New Surry Theatre Presents

The Art of Theatre Makeup

with Elena Bourakovsky

The objective of the Theatre Stage Makeup course is to learn, by practice, the basic techniques for the design and application of makeup for the stage. This knowledge can be used for film, everyday street-wear and special effects as well.

Theatre Make-up is relatively easy to learn and practice, moving from simple steps to more and more skillful and intricate ones. The class is very personalized, creative and fun for both male and female students. Skillful make-up application can produce a dramatic effect, which can be appreciated by the whole group and becomes a point of pride for its creator. It can be documented by taking pictures of the various steps of the make-up process, and the pictures can be used for your portfolios, so bring your camera.

Theatre Makeup meets Tuesdays, from 6:30 to 8:00.

Check out these pictures of a student from a past year's class.

Elena Bourakovsky headed the large costume department of the Komedy Theatre of Leningrad, Soviet Union, (St. Petersburg, Russia) for fifteen years where she presided over the design and implementation of costumes for a repertory theatre that performed more than twenty plays each year. In 1990 she was invited to come to The University of Maine, Orono as a J1 exchange Professor of Costume Design to work in the Costume Department and to teach Theatre Make-Up. She has designed costumes, make-up, or the entire production for more than fifty plays, operas and musicals. She has worked with professional and community theatres, colleges, and youth groups in Maine, Canada, and California.

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