New Surry Theatre Presents

A DVD of their production of Bill Raiten’s

In May and July of 2010 Bill Raiten the Artistic Director and founder of the New Surry Theatre performed a one man show telling of the true foibles and fun he had growing up in Brooklyn, New York in the 1940's, 50's and in the West Indies, in the crazy 60's......... The audience loved it (although some didn’t believe it was true), his wife forgave him and the friends he spoke about continue to talk to him, (much to our surprise). It was so much fun that we had Dylan Howard film the last performance, and the DVD's are now available for only $15 right here in Blue Hill at: Tradewinds Market Place, The Blue Hill Co-Op, The Wine Shop, North Light Books, New Cargoes and Verde Salon and in Ellsworth at The Grasshopper Shop on Main Street.

If you would rather have this two hours of a fun Stocking Stuffer mailed to you, there are two ways to do it: email with your order, or phone Bill at 374-5057 with your credit card at hand.

There is some adult language, as was spoken on the streets of Brooklyn and backstage in the Broadway theaters, so please view it before you show it to anyone under 13 or over 95.